Review: The Piano Student

“The more famous my admirer, the more powerful the high”––Nico Kaufman, a promising young pianist, is taken under the wing of the venerable maestro, Vladimir Horowitz, beginning a love story saturated with desire and regret. They meet each other through clandestine trysts and exchange passionate letter-correspondences with the backdrop of the Third Reich culminating in... Continue Reading →

Review: Beautiful and Useless

In Beautiful and Useless, opposing themes are held up and mirrored against each other, some more traditional, like feminine and masculine, the dead and the living, youth and old age, some sensory like salty and sweet, and some metaphoric, like real life and fantasy. Striking the perfect balance, she celebrates the meeting of obscene and holy.... Continue Reading →

        "Destruction in Wang’s dreams looks like the morning after an absolute banger but the broken glass, the trash piles all bleed out into the city, where we realize the buildings, too, have been destroyed. One particular dream of a destroyed city reoccurs in Wang’s poems, one in which from out of... Continue Reading →

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