Book Reviews

Book reviews coming soon

If you’re interested in writing book reviews for Akimbo, send a one-page writing sample to

We’re looking for clever readers with salient reflections. We don’t mind a little humor, acerbic wit, and the occasional innuendo. We want to know why you think a particular title is culturally relevant, or what about it got your neurons firing.


“With literary fiction, plot is important, yeah. But the big question I ask myself, when I review fiction in particular, is––why words? There are a million different media you can use to tell a story: dance, photography, painting, purely instrumental music––so what did the author do with language that made it the best method with which to share that narrative? What techniques did the writer manipulate? Why words. It’s what I think about when I reflect on a novel or short story and it’s what I want to know when I read a review about one.” ––Rachel Crawford, founder of Akimbo Books

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